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Global Automotive Diecast Scale Model Market Research Report 2019


Diecast scale models are models of actual production cars, vintage cars, as well as bikes, which are marketed in a variety of scale ranges as collectibles. These are targeted to different audiences, ranging from collectors to amateurs. Usually, diecast models are created on a body-on-frame basis, even though the originals may be monocoque or unibo ...

Global Automotive Defogger System Market Research Report 2019


A defogger can be categorized into the primary or secondary system. In a primary defogger system, the heat to clear the mist or ice formation is generated from the vehicle's engine coolant through the heater core. Fresh air passes through the heater core and is then distributed over the interior surface of the windshield with the help of a blower. ...

Global Automotive Daytime Running Light Market Research Report 2019


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of an automobile, with vital roles to play in safety, comfort, and, increasingly, in vehicle styling. It includes lighting and signaling devices located in the front, sides, and rear of a vehicle. The primary use of automotive lighting is to ensure visibility for the driver, improve vehicle conspicuity ...

Global Automotive Cybersecurity Market Research Report 2019


Connected vehicles have direct internet access through either an inbuilt modem or a plug-in modem. Connected cars do a better job of keeping the driver updated about the traffic, accidents, road warnings, and speed limits. In addition, they provide improved convenience and assistance to the drivers. Connected cars witnessed a higher level of innova ...

Global Automotive Curtain Airbags Market Research Report 2019


Curtain airbags are manufactured like other airbags. The major differences between them are in terms of structure, size, and surface area. The curtain airbags usually have a larger surface area. The main components of the curtain airbags are fabric coated with lubricating powder, the sensor module, and the gas inflator. The frontal airbag mechani ...

Global Automotive Crash Test Dummies Market Research Report 2019


Automotive crash test dummies are used in different types of crash testing, such as frontal impact, side impact, rear impact, whiplash effect, and pedestrian impact. Crash test dummies are human-like structures equipped with sensors and other instrumentations, such as accelerometer, load sensors, and potentiometers that provide data about the imp ...

Global Automotive Crash Test Barrier Market Research Report 2019


Crash test barriers are the test tools, which replicate the properties of real materials, and they are used in the crash testing process. The crash test barriers are used for reducing the cost of testing, because they are used for crashing, instead of the complete product. Automotive crash test barriers are those which are used of for crash testin ...

Global Automotive Crash Impact Simulator Market Research Report 2019


Automotive crash test is a form of destructive testing to ensure that a vehicle meets the required safety standards set by various automotive safety agencies, such as NCAP, ANCAP, NHTSA, IIHS among others across the geographies. Each year, cars worth millions of dollars end up in masses of tangled sheet metal and twisted components and parts in cra ...

Global Automotive Crankshaft Market Research Report 2019


Crankshafts are used to convert the reciprocating motion of the pistons to the rotatory motion and provide power to the flywheel which further spins the wheels. Mainly there are three types of crankshafts according to manufacturing processes such as forged steel crankshafts, cast iron/steel crankshafts, and machined billet crankshafts which are us ...

Global Automotive Crankcase Ventilation System Market Research Report 2019


During the combustion process in the engine cylinders, the combustion gases, along with unburned gases, slip through the piston rings and are called as blow-by. The blow-by slips through the piston rings into the crankcase, the blow-by along with oil cause an inadmissible rise in pressure inside the crankcase, so has to be continuously removed from ...



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