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Feasibility of Liquefied-to-Compressed Natural Gas Station (L-CNG) in India| A unique opportunity to advance natural gas market penetration


L-CNG offers a risk diversification since dispensing of CNG or LNG is not only limited to four-wheelers and long-haul transport but can also pretty much cover railways, waterways and industrial consumption through hub-and-spoke model in India. Interestingly, the Indian Railway Organization for Alternate Fuels (IROAF) is spearheading diesel substitu ...

India woos global LNG trade with a double-digit LNG consumption growth | Indian LNG market forecast 2018 to 2030


Companies falling under this category should consider subscribing this report This report is meant for stakeholders with direct or indirect interests in the natural gas value chain and LNG market in India: RLNG Terminal CompanyBulk LNG BuyersLNG SellersGas Marketing Companies Oil Marketing Companies Gas Pipeline CompaniesManufacturers LNG Tank ...

Unlocking Upcoming Multimillion Dollar Opportunity in City Gas Distribution (CGD) Sector in India | Analysing 86 Geographical Areas notified under PNGRB Round IX Bidding (2018)


The City Gas Distribution projects in India are emerging as an important driver for overall natural gas value chain development. The new bidding parameters, diversity & vastness of the notified geographical areas and government’s push for a natural gas fuelled nation are indicating towards an enhanced enthusiasm in the upcoming bidding round. Howev ...

Customised Market Research and Real Time Market Analysis for Indian LNG Market- Research On Demand study (primary and secondary market research)


The report examines Natural Gas business landscape in India by analyzing the policy & regulatory framework, natural gas infrastructure, available natural gas sourcing options, natural gas pricing, trends in alternate fuel pricing and most importantly understanding the end-user market and key demand drivers of Natural Gas in India. This report aims ...

Opportunities, Risk and challenges of Natural Gas sector in India | Critical Analysis of Domestic Natural Gas Sector Opportunities & Risks


The current and emerging scenarios in Indian Natural Gas sector calls for an insightful and detailed study that analyzes each and every development, spot the emerging trend and assess the impact of the same on different stakeholder / businesses dependent on Natural Gas to better equip themselves for a sustainable business operations.

Robust Gas market growth in Indian Market: Global interest and value chain investment gaining momentum


Key Questions Answered • What is the medium & long term outlook on domestic and imported gas mix and demand growth? • Why LNG suppliers need to look beyond the conventional demand drivers? • What are the LNG market creation opportunities in India and why they should be targeted? • What activities of the Indian Government that may encourage LNG trad ...

India’s Solid Waste Management Outlook- 2017-2020


Key Questions Answered 1.Which ULB has the lowest cost per ton of waste management in India? 2.What has been the growth in revenue expenditure related to waste management across all ULBs in India? 3.What is willingness of residential societies to manage the waste at source and help ULBs create more zero garbage zones? 4.How successful has been ...

India’s LNG for Transport Corridor Contact Directory – 2018 Edition


India’s LNG for Transport Corridor Contact Directory – 2018 Edition: Thanks to rapidly growing business ecosystem, our directory will be updated every year. Our comprehensive stakeholders coverage will provide a contact directory covering: o Policy and Regulatory Bodies/Departments in India o Natural Gas and RLNG Infrastructure Players in India o L ...

India’s LNG for Transport Corridor Map


India’s LNG for Transport Corridor Map: We are commitment to offer our clients not just one answer but a comprehensive and integrated solution. The map is a strategic blue-print which will offer stakeholders clarity of thought and decision making. The LNG for Transport Corridor Map is holistic covers the following o Plausible LNG for Transport Cor ...

Investment Opportunities for Fleet Operators, Vehicle Manufacturers, OEMs and LNG Suppliers- Outlook 2030- Full report only


Key Questions Answered • Whether LNG HDVs could have similar consumer traction as that of EVs in India? • What could be the role of government and its regulatory agencies (ARAI, PESO, OISD, etc.) in facilitating a shift from ‘DIESELisation’ to ‘LNGisation’ in Indian HDV segment? • What are the technological, policy and regulatory gaps in implement ...


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