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Ukrainian used car batteries processing market report


Global ecological trend, growing threat of non-utilizing harmful substance containing waste (lead in this case) and growing amount of non-utilized batteries lead to gradual development of car batteries processing. The most significant growth happened in 2012-2014 when market leaders lobbied temporary abolishment of VAT on lead scrap imports that l ...

Ukrainian treadmills market report


Treadmill market is a part of sports goods market. Because of both internal and external reasons the development of this market is not going as fast as expected. The B2C segment of the market is struggling under the sports clubs market development problems. The sports clubs although can offer multiple choice of trainers for lower price for the end ...

Ukrainian shisha tobacco market report


There is not a wide range of shisha tobacco on the Ukrainian market. They, though, differ by ingredients, manufacturers and taste. There are three types of tobacco for hookah: • tobacco with 70% of honey; • regular tobacco, moisten and put into hookah cup; • mixture of two types. The main ingredients for the shisha tobacco are tobacco itself, mola ...

Ukrainian private medical services market report


Private medical services in Ukraine are developing with mixed trends. Even in unfavorable times their profitability is high enough to make further investments and expand. High potential allows predicting active further development in the future. Their major function of the market is providing high-quality services to people who can afford them and ...

Ukrainian PET packaging (preforms, bottles, film) in food industry market report


PET (polyethylene terephthalate, PETE, polyester, mylar) – is the most common thermoplastic polymer resin of the class of polyesters. PET is used in containers for liquids and foods, different kind of films. Containers, which are made of PET, have high consumer properties. It is provided with this material a significant growth in the production of ...

Ukrainian Paper Products (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins) Market Report.


Tissue paper is the readily marketable products on the household market. It caters all of the consumers groups disregarding their age, sex, social status and income level. Therefore, the demand on the market is stable and mostly dependent on the macroeconomic factors like income and consumption index. Toilet paper is an essential good, while other ...

Ukrainian nuts snack market report


A snack is a portion of food often smaller than a regular meal, generally eaten between meals to refresh oneself. Snacks are made in a great variety of forms including packaged snack foods. Nowadays, the snack products include: chips, crackers, pistachios, peanuts, extruded products (corn sticks, pads, saltletts sticks, crisp bread), seafood, cerea ...

Ukrainian labels market report


Label – is a tool which attracts the attention of the consumer in the store. In the analyzed period the label market in Ukraine has been rapidly growing in the printing segment. The consumption of this product was stable, as well as the production. However, during the 2013-9 months of 2015 the number of operators increased. Ukrainian label market ...

Ukrainian green coffee market report


Green coffee consists of green coffee beans that avoided heating. Coffee beans are of two kinds - Arabica and Robusta. The difference between these two kinds is in the beans themselves and their taste qualities. Thus, Robusta contains more caffeine than Arabica. Ukraine is dependent on imports of coffee beans. Therefore, world trends affect the Ukr ...

Ukrainian Governmental and Private Medical services and Equipment Market Research Report


Development of public medicine has recently come under the influence of reforming the system of medical institutions financing. The current system is inefficient for Ukraine. There is a significant shortage of funds in the public health system. Budget financing of medical and preventive measures is carried out in limited volumes, which significantl ...



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