SnapShot 121 Italy - t 8 months on from new entrant in the mobile market

Report - ID431319 | 15 February, 2019 | ICT | 120 pages | Report Type (Global) | Publisher Name - Tariff Consultancy

With this SnapShot 121, the 2nd SnapShot to be published in 2019, TCL re-examines the Italian mobile market after the launch of the 4th Italian MNO Iliad Mobile in June 2018. It follows SnapShot 110 which reviewed the market ahead of the new MNO launch in May 2018.


The launch of Iliad Mobile followed the merger of Wind and Tre and the release of 4G LTE spectrum dictated by the Italian regulator AGCOM, with a 4th MNO required to increase competition.


Iliad Mobile launched a low-cost SIM-only bundle with unlimited calls and SMS and also a mobile data allowance of 30 GB per month (initially as a promotion for the first one million users) for a fee of Euro €5.99 per month (plus a once-off charge of Euro €10 per SIM card).


The other MNOs have responded with price reductions and increased bundles of calls, SMS and mobile data. And both TIM and Vodafone have launched low cost sub-brands.
1. The Italian Mobile market at the launch of Iliad Mobile 

2. Responses from TIM, Vodafone and Wind/Tre    

3. Conclusions – The changes in the Italian market    



Companies included in the report include – ho Mobile, Iliad Mobile, Kena Mobile, TIM, MVNO PosteMobile,  Vodafone  and Wind/Tre (Italy).
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