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Report - ID309574 | 01 September, 2017 | ICT | 130 pages | Report Type (Global) | Publisher Name - Tariff Consultancy

TCL launched the 'Daily Mobile Pricing' service in 2006 and has expanded the service ever since. Today on the 18th September 2013 the service was renamed to 'Telecoms Pricing Today' and offers the new feature of a weekly digest of key stories published during the week.

'Telecoms Pricing Today' covers the latest in telecoms pricing and also provides analysis of pricing developments as they occur. Additionally, it will give you comprehensive details of the hidden extras that are often contained in the pricing small print and not covered by news announcements. Old and new pricing rates are compared allowing the subscriber to easily identify the main changes The service also allows to conduct searches and gives you access to the archive of published stories too.

‘Telecoms Pricing Today’ includes detailed news articles on new pricing and product launches - including the launch of new 4G/LTE services, the introduction of new PostPaid and PrePaid tariffs, the introduction of new roaming tariffs and price promotions. For all product news TCL provides analyst comment and places the launch of a new service by the MNO in context.
As a subscriber to the ‘Telecoms Pricing Today’, the user will also receive free access to all pricing stories ever published on the web portal which can give a user a quick and an easy comparison of key Mobile Network Operator (MNO) pricing trends over time.

Telecoms Pricing Today’ offers worldwide coverage of pricing for network and service operators in the Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe & Eastern Europe and the Middle East and has a truly global reach.
n/a 1 - week trial available.
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