The Middle East Mobile Benchmark 2013

Report - ID309570 | 01 February, 2013 | ICT | 52 pages | Report Type (Global) | Publisher Name - Tariff Consultancy

The 52-page report supported with the all the data compared in excel spreadshhet entitled 'The Middle East Mobile Benchmark' provides analysis of voice and data services for both Pre Pay and Post Pay services across 28 MNOs in 14 Middle East countries.


Countries covered include: Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE and Yemen.

The report gives detailed pricing information of postpaid offers both for voice and mobile broadband. The information compares pricing for connection, rental, included usage as part of the bundle, domestic usage (voice, SMS, MMS, data), international usage as well as roaming (calling back home, calling locally, receiving a call, sending an SMS back home and data roaming)

The report provides the reader with a quick view of what a service costs and how it compares with other operators in the region. All price points referred to are compared, prices are expressed in USD.

Executive Summary

1. Postpaid
1.1 Number of postpaid plans
1.2 Comparison of rental charges
      1.2.1 Comparison of lowest priced postpaid plan (sorted by low to high)
      1.2.2 Comparison of medium priced postpaid plan (sorted by low to high)
      1.2.3 Comparison of high priced postpaid plan (sorted by low to high)
1.3 Comparison of included communication
      1.3.1 Comparison of included minutes (sorted by low to high)
      1.3.2 Comparison of included SMS (sorted by low to high)
      1.3.3 Comparison of included data (sorted by low to high)
1.3.4 Other inclusive services

1.4 Comparison of connection charges

1.5 Comparison of domestic usage
     1.5.1 Comparison of on-net usage per 1 minute
     1.5.2 Comparison of off-net (mobile to mobile) per 1 minute
     1.5.3 Comparison off off-net (fixed to mobile) per 1 minute
     1.5.4 Off—peak hours
     1.5.5 Comparison of SMS per 1 SMS
     1.5.6 Comparison of MMS per 1 MMS
     1.5.7 Comparison of Data per 1 Mbyte

 1.6 IDD comparison per 1 Minute

 1.7 Roaming
       1.7.1 Calling back home per 1 minute
       1.7.2 Local call per 1 minute
       1.7.3 Incoming call per 1 minute
       1.7.4 Sending an SMS back home per 1 SMS
       1.7.5 Data Roaming per 1 Mbyte

2. Prepaid 

3. Mobile Broadband 
3.1 Mobile Broadband price comparison (lowest (PPL) and highest(PPH) inclusive allowances)
3.2 Mobile Broadband sorted lowest to highest rental charge
3.3 Mobile Broadband sorted lowest to highest inclusive allowance
3.4 Mobile Broad Comparison sorted by charge inside the bundle per 1 GB continued
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